1 – Rhubarb is a vegetable & belongs to the Buckwheat family.

2 – The word Rhubarb can also mean “a heated argument or dispute.”

3 – Rhubarb leaves are also poisonous…( I learnt this from an episode of bad girls 🙂

Having grown the Rhubarb at the studio from a small stem, the idea of the images & the recipes came to light…..The series have been captured throughout the stages of compiling the recipes.

Cheers & enjoy…

Recipe 1- Rousing Rhubarb Shot.

Ingredients – Rhubarb,Lime/orange,Sugar Syrup, Sambuca.

200g of Rhubarb cut into 1″ pieces

Sugar syrup ( light version ) 2 parts water 1/2 part Syrup ( to make a half pint )

Add Rhubarb to syrup & simmer for 10 – 15 mins

Sieve Rhubarb, either chill or try my way ?…Put 1/2 syrup & 1/2 sambuca in a shot glass, do not mix

Add a squeeze of lime/orange & knock back in one, the seperation of cold/warm brings the magical flavours to the back of the throat….! Fabulous

Recipe 2 – Dreamy Rhubarb Rapture.

Ingredients – Rhubarb,Sugar Syrup,Vanilla,Lime/Orange,Soda Water or tonic

200g Rhubarb cut into 1″ pieces

Make a sugar syrup 2 parts water 1 part sugar making around half a pint

Add Rhubarb to the syrup & simmer for 10 – 15 mins

Add vanilla stick for the last 3 mins

Strain liquid through a sieve, squeeze in 1-2 limes & leave to chill

When ready to serve add 1 part Rhubarb juice to 2 parts vodka & top up with soda water to desired strength

Add a large amount of ice & garnish with lime/orange

Again a taste sensation….!